Aside from football and your family, what are your hobbies?
Music, fashion and motorsport.

What kind of music do you listen to before entering the field?
Samba, but in the dressing-rooms I play a little bit of everything to please the other players.

What is your favorite meal?

If you were not a footballer and you could choose a profession, what would it be?
A Formula 1 driver

What is your favorite hobby when you're not on a football field?
Being with my family

Where do you go if you want to go away and have time just for you?
In Salvador de Bahia

What memories do your debuts bring?
All of them were special; after all they involved playing football which is what I like.
With the Bahia Club: I was lucky because the right winger was injured and the reserve player also, and I played a great game; I was the man of the match.
In Sevilla: a bittersweet debut, because they booed, but it was very special.
With Barca: I had some doubts and a lot of responsibility because of the price they paid for me.
With the National Team: A great enthusiasm because it was my country and one of the most loved teams in the world.

Have you participated as an extra in a movie? How was it? What do you remember?
I was working with my parents in the fields and I had the opportunity to participate in a film. I earned a free meal, and 5 Reales (2 € approx.) daily, to buy candies.

When was the day that you laughed the most in your life?
I laugh a lot every day

When was the last time you cried?
When receiving a prize in Salvador de Bahia ... for me it represented everything I've struggled for. My life went through my head like a movie.

What makes you happy?
To have achieved my dream and my father's dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

Most players have an idol. Who was the player that you admired as a  child?

In which country do you spend your holidays?
In Brazil

What is your favorite movie?
Men of honor

Tell us somewhere you want to visit?
The African continent

Who is your favorite Actor?
Will Smith

Who is your favorite Actress?
The bride of America, Julia Roberts

What do you do for good luck before you walk onto the pitch?
3 hop and then enter the field right foot first.

How do you kill time pre-matches?
Talking with fellow team members

Look at the " Cameo" Dani Alves in the movie " War of Canudos " (the first soldier who falls ) .

Dani Alves in the clip of the song "Give Me Life" Huecco.

Want to know more about Dani? You've been wanting to make him any more questions? This is your opportunity to ask whatever you want ! Question everything that you think has been the inkwell. Dani between party and training glad you respond!




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